The Mission of Twigs Jewels

Because Spring denotes a time of rebirth and all things beautiful, we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce our new Twigs Jewels website with unique handmade artisan jewelry. 

Our Mission and Purpose is to create 

Handmade Jewels, 

Made by Artists, 

Made in Arizona, 

Made one at a time,

Made with our time

Our love for creating, 

Our Spirit,

Our very heart and soul


Pearls and Leather, 

Turquoise and Crystals,

Saints and Goddesses, 

Badges of the Spirit.


Expressions of Love,

Expressions of Joy, 

Expressions of Faith, 

Expressions of Victory.


This is Twigs. This is our Passion. These are our Jewels. 


---Carolyn, Creator and Owner of Twigs Jewels 

Established 1995